Applied Network And System Security

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 3 Days
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    Transferring the measures to be taken to increase the aggressive point of view and security level to ensure the security of local network and internet connections and systems connected to them to the organization personnel. With the application of the techniques and tools learned on the third day of the training, it is carried out under the supervision of the trainer and fully applied.

    Delegates will learn

    • Basic Network Security Information
    • Basic System Security Information
    • Common Cyber Attacks
    • Vulnerability and Attack Cycles


Basic Network Security Information

  • Reminders about networks and protocols
  • Protocols used in the enterprise network
  • Protocol based security vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations to ensure network security

Basic System Security Information

  • Windows system structure
  • Hardening methods for the Windows operating system
  • Linux system structure
  • Hardening methods for the Linux operating system
  • Security recommendations for operating systems

Common Cyber Attacks

  • Attacks over the Internet and the local network
  • Attacks on the operating system
  • Attacks on web applications
  • Attacks on mobile apps

Vulnerability and Attack Cycles

  • Concept of security vulnerability
  • Hacking cycle
  • Malware life cycle
  • Determination of vulnerability management processes for security
  • Implementation of vulnerability management processes


There are no prerequisites