Angular with Type Script

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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This immersive instructor-led workshop covers all the core concepts and guides you to build a full Angular data-centric business application, including the role of TypeScript, project setup, code structure, style guide, using the Angular CLI, data binding and MV*, abstracted remote data calls through services, observables, and routing. Angular Academy is the ideal starting point to understand and use Angular effectively now. You’ll experience several demos and “code along” activities and be provided with the code throughout the workshop, as you learn how to build apps using Angular, with plenty of interactivity with the instructor in the room.

You are already familiar with html, css and javascript. Now you want to bring web development to the next level using Angular and TypeScript in an interactive instructor-led workshop! At the end of this class, each student should be able to use Angular to create a full Angular data-centric business application!


TypeScript fundamentals

Setup and Tooling

Getting started with the Angular CLI

Introduction to Angular

Structure of an app

The Components Model

Decorators, Templating Syntax, Data Binding, Directives, Input/Output, Events, Pipes

Dependency Injection, Services and providers

Introduction to Reactive Programming with RxJS (Observables)

Async Requests to a REST API (HTTP)

Implementing a local cache

Debugging an application

Implementing pagination, sorting and filtering on a grid

Creating a Custom pipe

NgModules, Ahead-of-time compilation and Tree Shaking

Deploying to production

Navigation and Routing


Forms and Validation

Using Http to Update or Delete data on the server


Login screen, Login Service

Protecting a Route with Route Guards

Global Error Handling

Best Practices!