Agile & Scrum Foundations

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Duration : 2 Days
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    The Agile foundation training is the perfect start to your Scrum implementation. During this two-day in-house programme, we will not only cover the basics of Scrum, but we will also offer you concrete guidelines to structure the Scrum implementation for your team, department and/or organisation with the help of an implementation backlog.


    Delegates will learn

    • Over the 2 days, students are introduced to the mechanics of Scrum, gaining insights into overcoming complexity, dealing with team based collaboration and self-organization as essential elements in mastering Scrum. Students work together as a team in a series of Sprints to build a software application, thereby facing real-life problems. The mechanics, roles, and principles of Scrum are leveraged during the exercises. From its emphasis on the practical application of Scrum, the course exposes common missteps and misunderstandings so students grow a higher awareness of the associated symptoms. The course provides prescriptive guidance to avoid going off track and keep Scrum healthy.
    • Professional Scrum Foundations is excellent training for teams and anyone wanting to experience the way of working in Scrum. The course also provides the foundation of knowledge needed for role-focused training for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Developers.



    Agile Scrum Foundations course is the perfect introduction, reboot or refresher to Scrum. This course is for teams or anyone wanting to experience the Scrum way of working. PSF provides the base knowledge needed for anyone interested in taking role focused trainings.


Your current level of knowledge of Agile/Scrum

Roles and responsibilities within Scrum

Principles of the Scrum framework

Elements of Scrum

The possibilities of Scrum with a case focusing on your own practical situation

Determining which of the professionals will be present for the second day of the programme

Implementing Scrum within the organisation

Organising and structuring the Scrum meetings

Conducting backlog management

Creating an implementation backlog

Discusses your own business cases and pitfalls


There are no prerequisites for this course.