Adobe Illustrator Advanced

Learn via : Virtual Classroom / Online
Duration : 2 Days
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    This one-day advanced course will cover some of Adobe Illustrator’s more advanced artwork creation tools and techniques. You will learn how to create more complex shapes and graphics, work with symbols and with masking. The course will also cover how to convert raster graphics into vectors, how to apply effects and how to work in perspective.


    Delegates will learn how to

    • Create complex shapes using the Shape Builder and Pathfinder tools
    • Import raster images and convert them to editable vector graphics
    • Create and manage Illustrator symbols
    • Work with clipping and opacity masks
    • Apply blends to objects
    • Apply Illustrator effects, including 3D
    • Use tools to help create artwork in perspective


Creating complex shapes

  • The Pathfinder panel
  • Compound objects
  • The Shape Builder Tool

Tracing artwork

  • Vector and raster graphics
  • Tracing
  • Outlines

Working with symbols

  • Introducing symbols
  • Working with symbols
  • Symbol sets and symbolism tools

Masking and blending

  • Masking objects
  • Blending objects

Object effects

  • Basic effects
  • 3D effects

Drawing in perspective

  • The Perspective Grid Tool
  • Custom Perspective Grids
  • Creating artwork in perspective


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