BlueMark Academy has been founded with the mission of contributing to the formation of a well-informed, experienced and competent society in Turkey as it is all over the world and preparing its employees to the world of the future.

Bluemark Academy offers education and training with experts and advisors having field experience and competency on topics such as Big Data, Cloud, Cyber Security, Java, project management. The training of the world's leading software giants (Oracle, HP, IBM, AWS, Hortonworks, Cloudera, ITIL, Cobit, TDWI, Tibco) is carried out with a high quality, world-class and solution-oriented service approach.

In Istanbul Vadistanbul, BlueMark Academy organizes training courses not only in its own training rooms but also special training courses for its customers in site in accordance with the needs of its customers.  

With a continuously developing and renewing training approach, BlueMark Academy offers open and closed classroom education along with online and project-based customized education solutions to its customers. 

Open Class Training Courses

•It is a training system open to public participation and the place of education, duration of training, date, and time of the training are set. 

•Training courses are carried out in 12-person rooms in an interactive manner by experienced and competent advisors experts in their fields. 

•Participants who have successfully completed the training program are given certificate /certificate of participation of the technology manufacturer.

Private Group Training

•It is opened in according to the needs and requests of the personnel of a certain institution or organization. 

•The content, date, location and duration of the training are determined according to the demands and requests of the institution or organization. 

•Our instructors and trainers meet with the group or authorized persons to receive the training and clarify the expectations and the content of the training before the training. 

•Training courses are carried out at customer locations or at 5-star hotels.

In addition to these services, Bluemark Academy provides solutions for you with online and video training formats.

Interactive Online Training – LVC (Live Virtual Classroom)

Participants may actively attend the training courses abroad opened with the business partners of the Academy and also interactively from anywhere they have internet access. In this way, participants can ask instant questions and receive their e-learning certificate online.

Digital Learning - Video Training

Video training format offers you with training on all the subjects and contents you want.  In this format, you can stop and continue the training at any time where you left off. You can still download your e-learning certificate online at the end of the training.

The Bluemark Academy also prepares special training videos on every subject and content you have requested.

BlueMark Academy guarantees 100% customer satisfaction in all training courses.

Training Needs Analysis

BlueMark Academy; in accordance with your demands, provides support to you with its expert staff in training needs analysis studies. With these analysis studies, first, your employees' existing IT skills and knowledge are identified, second, a separate training is planned for ever one of them by taking into consideration of their work positions and tasks, and finally, the training planning is shared with you.

Class Rentals

BlueMark Academy also offers training/meeting hall rental service if demanded. The halls are offered with the necessary technical equipment for your special training courses or meetings. 

With a continuously developing and renewing approach, and great enthusiasm and excitement on this road, BlueMark Academy continues to offer world-class training courses and create added value for you in your business and career. Closely following changes and innovations in Turkey and in the world, the Academy is preparing you to the future of the world. With its innovative and up-to-date training courses, The BlueMark Academy is honored to share "The Power of Knowledge and Experience" with you. 

BlueMark Academy

Knowledge is power but knowledge with experience is the greatest power.

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